Module Thu Phát RF433 E17-TTL100 100mW

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Module Thu Phát RF433 E17-TTL100 100mW

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Module Introduction

  • E17-TTL1 Module is to highlight the advantages of low power consumption, the control mode is very flexible and can communicate in two power levels .
  • E17-TTL Module is a center frequency of433MHz wireless communication module . It has a TTL serial communication interface level , support the baud rate is 1200-57600Up to7Baud rates .
  • E17-TTL UseImported highRadio frequency chips, as well asUltraLow-power high-performance single-chip form . Users do not need to care about complex wireless communication configurationAnd transmission algorithm, Only throughTTLSerial connection to the device, two modules can replace a traditional serial cable , eliminating the need for cabling and serial transmission distance farther than the traditional .Users can also through a variety of commands to control the module to complete a variety of different operations , the use of very flexible.

Features Overview

  • Transparent mode: At this point both send and receive the equivalent of connecting a serial cable , the hair that is collected .
  • Command Mode: In this mode , the user can command mode control module working condition.
  • SentinelTransmission: Same channel , the module supports the specified address transmission, the receiver can know that the data from which one module .
  • Broadcast transmission: Same channel , the module can receive a different address data, and data from which one can know the module .
  • Channel data monitor: If the module itself address is set to FFFF, you can receive all the channels in which the data itself . Effective network monitoring.
  • Ultra-low power ( sleep mode ):1uA current
  • The so-called sleep mode, just turn off the wireless reception for serial commands , wireless transmitters , etc., there is no impact , our unique algorithm, making in such a low -power, is still able to receive serial data . Command Set chapterSection, on C0 parameter settings , OPTION.7 bit is a wireless receiver function switch, namely : If OPTION.7 off the wireless receiver , in addition to clear any way other than the bit , can not turn on the wireless receiver .
  • Module supports ultra low power receive mode , support for different power levels, corresponding to different response times.
  • Module status can be set up , send and receive enable automatic state switching and other operations , are available through the command. Thus according to the different needs of users , select the most energy efficient , highest efficiency work.
  • Sleep Mode: In command mode , the module can receive Sleep command , and immediately goes into sleep mode, the current is only1uA. In the ultra-low -power mode , you can still receive serial commands , you can still transmit wireless data.
  • Module has up to three methods into sleep mode , sleep current agreement , both 1uA, in any sleep mode , can receive any serial commands , you can transmit any data , just turn off the radio reception.
  • Collision avoidance: When multiple modules to transmit data to a module , the module will generate the maximum possible collision avoidance and other interference , according to our algorithm , the module will select an optimal communication time to start. So as to ensure maximum multipoint transmission reliability.
  • Small volume:
  • E17-TTL20 / 40/100Module dimensions are17 * 31mm, with a 5 * 2.54 pin , as well as user- welded mounting pins 2 * 2.54(Ground GND).
  • E17-TTL500Module size only23 * 43mm, 5 * 2.54 having pins , welding and user-4* 2.54 fixed pins(Ground GND).
  • Shielding Design: The module has a special shield made of high quality materials , can effectively weaken the external interference and improve receiver sensitivity. But also can reduce the module external harmonic radiation. This feature is very important in industrial applications .
  • Voltage Range: The module can operate in a very wide power range , to meet a variety of needs
  • E17-TTL20 / 40/100: 1.8V - 3.6V ( can be customized production 3.0-8.0V version )
  • E17-TTL500: 3.3V - 6.0V
  • Level adaptation: The module can support a wide TTL level , the internal current limiting protection, and 5V serial (TTL) direct connection . In this case, the pressure is reduced as much as possible , so as to improve stability. And external communication level to limit as much as possible within 4.0V.
  • Multiple baud: The module can be set to a variety of communication baud rate, communication both serial port baud rate can be different , which will bring great flexibility.
  • A variety of wireless rate: Module supports multiple wireless speed , the user can be set according to the actual needs , to obtain an optimal balance point on the power , distance, speed.
  • Parameters are saved: After the user set parameters , the module will be saved parameters , power is not lost, after re-power , the module will follow the parameters set a good job.
  • NeverCrash: Module Built-in watchdog , and the precise time distribution , once an exception occurs , the module willWithin 0.107 seconds reboot, and can continue to follow the previous parameter settings to work.


  • Supply voltage shall not exceed the parameter table , TXD, RXD, AUX shall not exceed 4.5V, otherwise , it may cause the modulePermanent damage.
  • ProposalExternal MCUConfiguration is as follows:
  • TXD: push-pull output , or other strong output.
  • RXD: pull- input , or open-drain input.
  • AUX: On power front 100ms ( low mode decision module status ) for push-pull output , after the pattern recognition, set to pull the input ( or external pull- interrupt mode ) for monitoring module working condition.
  • Because the module is a low power consumption, itsIO voltage endurance limit has been done , when the volume use , and AUX port for external level not higher than 4V.In order to avoid external pressure to bring additional power port , use the same level as possible.
  • AUX pin :
  • Reset pin module AUX input state and determine its input state , if it is high, the module enters command mode. If it is low, the module for transparent transmission mode. After completion of AUX mode select pin into output.
  • Normal working hours ,
  • A:OPTION.6 = 0, AUX pin output state, when the module has data to send to an external CPU via TXD pin AUX pin low will start sending serial data after keeping 1-2ms, after been sent back to a high level. This function can be used to wake the external CPU, can also be negated after some 485 chip for driving directions pin.
  • B:When OPTION.6 = 1, AUX pin as an output, when the module is transmitting wireless data when the module output low , the transmitter output high after completion
Module Thu Phát RF433 E17-TTL100 100mW

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